How Many People Are Waiting For You To Be Single?
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For older young people, both men and women, singles are terrible, lonely and lonely, especially on holidays, watching other couples in pairs, the pain in my heart is only known.

Compared with singles, the more terrible thing is to find the wrong marriage partner. The rhythm of the two lives is not in a channel. Although living under one roof is like a passer-by, the sense of loneliness is more violent and unbearable than that of a single person.

Whether it is love or marriage, we must listen to our own heart, and we cannot grieve ourselves. Finding the one you like and the other half is to perfect our life. In order to improve the quality of life of both parties, only two emotions can be happy to finish this life. Don't be influenced by the secular vision, don't be troubled by age, choose the wrong marriage partner, and suffer yourself.

Single is a good choice compared to the harm caused by the wrong person. If you love yourself well, don't mind the loneliness brought by single people. It is much more happy than the wrong person.

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